Babywearing During my 1st Tri!

Guess what?  I've got baby number for baking away (due in November) and I wanted to share how babywearing in 1st tri has been going for me!

Babywearing during pregnancy can be very different from woman to woman, as well as from pregnancy to pregnancy.  There's not a whole lot of right or wrong, just what works for you.


In my previous pregnancies I had very few issues babywearing during my first trimester.  I mostly used carriers that did not have a waist strap, which meant mostly ring slings and a woven wrap used in a ruck tied under the bum.  It worked well for me and at the kiddos I was wearing at the time.  During my last pregnancy (3rd pregnancy) I was even able to tandem wear on occasion, and did so to get into my first appointments with my midwives.


This pregnancy has been very different, as I really haven't been able to wear much at all.  Granted, my son is nearly 3yrs old and a healthy 30-ish lbs, but I have found my body fatigues very easily.  Even just wearing for a few minutes results in getting dizzy and short of breath.  I've managed to be able to wear a demo doll when working at events but other than that babywearing just isn't working out for me right now.

I miss babywearing, the convenience of it and the cuddles, but I know that this is just a short phase in life that will pass quicker than I can imagine and I just need to listen to what my body is telling me for now.  Before long I will have a sweet squish to wear and this will be a somewhat distant memory.


I didn't take any pictures during my first tri (there honestly wasn't much to see) but now at 16wks I can begin to see a bit of a bump in this photo I snapped during WEAR 2016 with Angelique Liu!




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