What is the Best Carrier?

"What is the best carrier?"  This is the question I will never be able to answer.


It seems like such a simple question, so why would it be so hard for an educator to answer?  

The truth is there is really is no best carrier on the market!  There are many, many great ones available with more coming every day, but there is not one that is leaps and bounds ahead of the rest.  Most are made with comparable materials, using similar attention to details, and are being created or designed by individuals who have a passion for helping caregivers navigate daily life with young children.  Each carrier will have it's own pro's and cons, special features, and things that will make it appealing to different people.  It's entirely possible that your best friend may love a carrier while another friend has fallen head over heels for a different carrier!  

So how do you know what to get?  What criteria should be used when deciding what carrier is going to best suit a caregiver's lifestyle?  Here are some helpful questions to ask yourself or someone coming to you for advice!


  • What are some things you hope to be able to do while babywearing?

  • How old is the child/children you will be wearing?  Do you want something that is suited to their needs now with the notion of purchasing another carrier down the road or would you prefer a carrier that will take them from infancy through toddlerhood?

  • In what positions might you want to be able to use while babywearing?

  • Do you or baby have a sensitivity, aversions, or preference to any fiber blends, textures, or colors?

  • Do you or the child/children have any special considerations that should be taken into account that may impact the way that you babywear?​


Once a caregiver has been able to give some thought towards the answers to some of these questions the process of elimination can begin and we can find the carrier that is just right for that caregiver and child!











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